The Luxury Card Just Updated Its Mobile App

The Luxury Card is one of our favorite innovations in the digital luxury space and they’ve recently upgraded their mobile app with more than few features. If you’re not familiar with the luxury credit card company, they’re the ones who take the credit card to the next level. With options of MasterCard Black, Gold and Titanium cards you’re getting an extra unique credit card that outweighs the competition in more ways than one. I also mean that literally, the Luxury Card weighs a glorious 22 grams and it is just one of the ways it sticks out from the competition.

The Luxury Card company recently revamped its mobile app as well bringing the world of exclusive luxury right to your fingertips. All members get access to their Luxury Card Concierge®, and that has always been easiest through their mobile app. Their concierge is there for members 24/7 by live chat giving you a dedicated assistant with travel itineraries, dining reservations, research and gift sourcing.

The latest version of The Luxury Card App gives more control over messaging and greater access to VIP offerings. They have also updated the offers available in the app. The dining feature puts a global resource of restaurants into your pocket, some that even include Michelin-star venues giving you not access to one of a kind dining experiences.

“We have seen extensive downloads of the app among our customers. This release offers more content and new features that put the customer in control of how they receive our notifications. We want to keep our customers informed of exciting new benefits without being disruptive—this release strikes that balance,” says Vice President of Customer Experience Marina Kissam.

Through the app you can of course make payments and bookings, check your balance and immerse yourself in its private social network. That alone is a fantastic perk as getting access to UHNW networks in an online setting is quite rare. This is a very exciting luxury perk in my opinion and if you’re in need of a credit card upgrade, well then you might want to take a look at the Luxury Card this year.

Ryan Clark
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