Luxury Cannabis Jewelry Line Launched By Genifer [M]

We’ve covered a bit of the luxury cannabis market and here and there before and it’s an area we’re excited to continue to see where it goes within the affluent community. Today we’re talking about a new line of luxury jewelry that is cannabis inspired by Genifer[M], which they have dubbed “the nation’s first and premier line of luxury cannabis-inspired jewelry”. We’ll take a look at what they’re up to with their product line which certainly caters to a certain demographic.

The designs and inspiration of this Father-Daughter powered Cannabis jewelry brand has quite the backstory. Genifer Murray has been in the Cannibis industry for nearly a decade now. With a strong industry background and notably being named in the top 100 people in the Cannabis industry, as well she served on the Governor’s Task Force in Colorado helping to implement Amendment 64 to end cannabis prohibition. Seeing enough of the mass produced, low end cannabis jewelry already on the market she set out to make a change there too.

Being a luxury brand consultant, I have a different set of eyes when it comes to products that call themselves luxury. Without sounded pompous(too late?), I’m not a big fan of throwing the “L” word around so casually as the price point and materials used for most of their product line would technically not be considered luxury.

With that being said, the designer and team behind the brand is no stranger to luxury jewelry and this is a solid line that will only lead to bigger and more custom pieces. So if the folks at the company read this and are ready to curse me out, please know I applaud what you’ve done and the endless possibilities for more luxury are no doubt abundant. Their products are all over American and have started to touchdown in Europe by way of Spain, and that is only going to grow with their wholesale program.

Her father and co-owner is the man behind the jewelry, and he has a long history of working in the industry. Glenn Murray has worked as a representative for some of the nation’s leading jewelry manufacturers including Feature Ring Company and A. Jaffe Co. for over 35 years now. He also attended the Gemological Institute of America where he studied Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, and Gem Identification.

Genifer [M]’s latest launch of their Molecule Jewelry line look just as it sounds, and we think it’s a great way to celebrate and elevate Cannabis inspired jewelry. You can choose from either an artistic interpretations of the molecular structure THC or CBD in a variety of materials, as well gemstone placements as you can see from the picture below. We say best of luck to them and cannot wait to see what the future brings from this jewelry company, especially when the lust for extremely high-end pieces are created and make their public debut.

Ryan Clark
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