Luxury Balsamic Vinegar? Yep!

Foodies love interesting and quirky things I tend to find so today my mission was to find some luxury cooking items that you might not otherwise think about. I never imagined that there was a high end balsamic lust out there but I should have known better! Leave it up to the Italians to come out with some vintage vinegar that can be aged from 8 years all the way past 50…no kidding! I’ve decided to order the first balsamic listed below which is the Emozione 20 year which was only $84 USD plus shipping. I think it’s a good start into the fine vinegar lifestyle and I’ll be sharing this with some close friends over a pasta feast this coming weekend. I’ll definitely update the comments and let you folks know if I could even tell the difference from the $10 stuff I get from my organic grocer.

Emozione 20yr Balsamic Vinegar From Mussini

Reggio Emilia Gold Seal 100 Year

This fine balsamic from Reggio Emilia is apparently 100 years old which is pretty crazy considering it’s a vinegar. You’re looking about about $280-$300 per bottle depending on where you look and there are not that many bottles left in the world. Most balsamic vinegar producers use five different type of barrels for aging the vinegar. This brand is known for using 7 – oak, chestnut, juniper, cherry, mulberry and acacia.

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena 25 Years

This vinegar is aged for 25 years and bottles can be found online for anywhere from $180-$200 USD. This vinegar is made from the Trebbiano grapes that are grown on the hills of Modena which are perfect for making a quality balsamic vinegar. After being boiled over an open flame, the must is placed in wooden casks, filtered, and transformed into balsamic vinegar and then aged for those 25 sweet years.

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