Lurssen Azzam Mega Yacht Profile

It has been quite some time now since Lürssen’s secretive superyacht projected called Azzam was spotted in the German shipyard. I thought I’d take a look and see what content has also been spotted around the web.

lurssen azzam superyacht
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I first read about this latest work of sea bound art on which instantly made it my favorite design as of right now. This 590 ft mega yacht out classes the Eclipse by 57 ft and the Azzam comes with a $622 million dollar price tag. Not much else is known about this incredible vessel although there are some rumours as to whom this is being built for.

Lurssen is a company that has a heritage of building the finest quality vessels and this 2013 bound boat surely attests to that. Luckily for you and I, there are also a good amount of videos capturing the Azzam as it readies for the high seas.

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