Lexus Luxury Yacht The Lexus LY 650 Unveiling

Last week Lexus got its feet wet and unveiled its very first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650. They’re not the first auto manufacturer to design and build a luxury yacht before, but they’ve taken it in a brilliant direction. They’ve enlisted the help of a few of the best in the yachting industry to form and craft this stylish yacht.

Lexus Luxury Yacht The Lexus LY 650 Unveiling

Its design was initially show back in 2017, but now you’re about to see the fully built and ready to be seen in person. The Lexus LY 650 will finally appear at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida, from Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 2019. If you’re heading to the show be sure to get a glimpse of this beautiful luxury yacht.

The 65-foot long luxury yacht will be packed with technology inside the cabins, as well within the engine choices will make for a swift comfortable cruise. The Lexus LY 650 is packing twin Volvo Penta® IPS*3 engines which are very fuel efficient while still being able to maintain a good bit of speed.

Why a Volvo engine in a Lexus yacht? Simply because they make some of the best but who knows, maybe Lexus/Toyota will step up in the near future if sales are good enough.

This luxury yacht looks to be a great choice for a weekend expedition with all the comforts of home and just enough room for the family and or a few friends. Its spacious enough, but not so large that you need to hire a crew to handle the day-to-day operations. This will be built for people who want to explore life from the helm, and do it in style.

Lexus Luxury Yacht The Lexus LY 650 For Sale

The exterior and interiors look fantastic, and that’s thanks to their partnership with Nuvolari Lenard and his Italian yacht design studio who have designed so many incredible vessels. The lounging an dining areas we extremely well done, but I think the three staterooms are what really make this a dream yacht. There’s enough room for six to sleep comfortable, which is why it’s the perfect weekend warrior.

The LY 650 is built in collaboration with the world-renowned Marquis Yachts. For the size of the vessel, I think this is a great choice as Marquis has built so many boats in this range..and they’ve built them well.

Inside the Lexus LY 650, LY-Link is technology for boating that shares timely information and provides control of various yacht functions. This will allow for advanced connectivity throughout the boat making it easy to monitor the vessel and have notifications sent via text message should an abnormality be detected. It also allows you to of course control audio, AC, lighting and other interior functions at your convenience.

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Lexus LY 650

Lexus LY 650 Luxury Yacht

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