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There are no signs of a slow down for mobile ecommerce and the luxury world once again is a little slow to adapt. I understand, things are going pretty good and determining whether or not to jump in takes some research and time. For those who have jumped in full force we applaud you, and we also look to you for guidance and examples of luxury mobile marketing done right.

We have been really busy helping our clients developing mobile marketing solutions of all types and we’re surprised how quickly this area of our business has picked up(in only a year). For those who haven’t wrapped their head around the full potential of a mobile app, let me give you a few juicy pointers that might make you salivate over the idea. For one, users who download your app are slightly now hooked into your brand. Secondly your app is going to be listed all over the place including the iTunes store, Android store and all the app sites that pick up the mobile news. This means you’re getting natural links and it’s a great addition to anyones link profile. Lastly, it gives you something to leverage for social media. You can give your app out to prominent bloggers to review, use it in Facebook contents/giveaways and that’s just the start.

Net-A-Porter iPad App

By the time Christmas rolls around, Net-A-Porter will have accumulated over 1,000,000 downloads across all their “i apps”. That’s insanely impressive and yet another reason to start thinking seriously about your mobile marketing efforts. Their iPad app features their latest content, of course there is shopping right from your iPad and perhaps the coolest section is their “Net-A-Porter TV” where you can watch the latest fashion in HD right from your palms.

The Opposite House Goes Mobile

Beijing based luxury hotel The Opposite House has recently start putting iPads in your room for use. This is eventually going to happen in every luxury hotel so it’s good to see early adopters. Of all the apps we’ve developed recently, the local hotel apps are what we’ve been working on the most. Their company decided to take their app in its own direction which was VERY smart in my opinion. The aptly named “Housevibe” app includes a trip itinerary storage, concierge tips, and music streaming directly from the “Oppositehouse” music collection. So very chic!

Sotheby’s Goes Mobile In A Big Way

My favorite company for the affluent mind is of course Sotheby’s, and they’re no stranger to the mobile world. Recently they came out with yet another app, but this time for the art and jewelry collectors out there. This iPad app comes jam packed with so many features and specials that I didn’t have time to cover them all here.

The shopping on here includes contemporary art to old master paintings. Browse rare watches, jewellery, ceramics, books and furniture in interactive layouts. You can watch videos, zoom in on artwork, 360 degree spin on the art and sculptures. There are also countless articles, videos, interviews and in-depth essays to keep your time occupied.

Let’s See What You Got!

I want to showcase some amazing mobile apps again so if your brand is doing something unique, cool or quirky then we want to know about it.

Ryan Clark

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