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In the middle of my first extended trip in the Riviera Maya with the still pending goal of learning Spanish, I’m already fantasizing about my next trip. This got me checking out Spain, where I spent two weeks in Malaga years ago. Researching the luxury side of things, I got looking around Marbella and the legendary party island of Ibiza. I’ve always been determined to visit Ibiza before it turns into the next Atlantis from all the non-stop partying. I was lucky enough to connect with Ronny Boon, CEO of Striver P.M.C. and He’s based out of Ibiza and offers a range of personal luxury services, including property management, concierge services, event planning, jet/yacht chartering and more. Knowing our readers are interested in what Striver PMC has to offer (and me hoping to get a discount out of it…), Ronny has agreed to an interview!

Ronny Boon of Striver-PMC and Exquisite-Voyage

Simon: Seeing your amazing properties, cars, jets and the lifestyle your work involves, I’d love to know how you made it all happen. Can you share your story on your experience in the luxury industry, like how you got your start and what inspires you?

Personal concierge services by Ronny Boon in IbizaRonny: After many years of experience in this business I lost a lot of time on sorting out trusted companies and people with best price, quality, service and making sure the job was done. In the luxury industry, everybody wants to benefit from the wealth they’ve accumulated. So the problem is not necessarily the money, but the assets of “time and trust” needed for these deals.

My trusted friends asked me to help find the best solutions for their needs and I connected them with my trusted network. And basically this is how it all started. It led to setting up the company “private desk” to solve these problems for people outside my circle. So you can say the properties, cars and private jet service came from the demand of friends and then clients, not the supply of these services.

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Simon: With Striver P.M.C. standing for Projects, Management, Consultancy, it sounds like you’re a one-stop-shop for a luxury client. Can you fill our readers in on what P.M.C. means to them? (You can be brief, as i will lead readers to your websites at the end of the interview).

Ronny:  Yes we are a one-stop shop in the luxury market, STRiVER PMC is an organization based on the principles of a family office. The essences of our services are convenience and beneficial timesaving. Our clients are individual persons, families, and companies. We take the time to assess each and every one of our clients’ needs and desires in order to provide the most unique and tailored services in strict confidentiality. We can offer personalized services within the following disciplines: Projects: real estate (buying, selling, rental), property marketing. Management: elite travels and concierges services, and private jet services. Off-Market: Exclusive projects, including hotels, castles, beautiful luxury villas and other development activities.

Luxury villa in Ibiza, Spain

Simon: With all these high value deals in an international hotspot, you’re sure to get your share of the rich and famous. How are these clients handled?

Ronny: For our well-known high-wealth and celebrity clients, we privately negotiate for them before any third parties know who they are, ensuring we can take a more fair deal out of the negotiations. Strict confidentiality is of course practiced with all our clients.

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Simon: I see a big part of your business is catering to the jet-set crowd heading to Ibiza with your new site Please share what services you can offer them.

Ronny:  We can offer our clients a tailor made package which contains every wishes they need for their exquisite travelling. We can arrange travelling with Private Jet, exclusive cars, yachts charters, personal security and VIP events. We can provide reservations in the most exclusive restaurants or clubs and personal chef in one of our most unique villas on Ibiza. We make sure your vacation is exactly as you want it, free of worry, effort and time wasted.

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Simon: After checking out Exquisite Voyage, it looks like you can handle any and all the needs of a luxury client travelling and staying in Ibiza. How does your total management or custom plans benefit your clients?

Ronny: We provide our clients the benefit of using our network with the best services available in Ibiza. We always tell our clients that its better if we know their wishes beforehand so we can provide all services. That’s why we like to have an interview with our clients before and after the booking of one of our services so the clients can tell us about their needs and wishes. A personal relationship with our clients is vital not only to their benefit when planning a vacation, but benefits us with a trusting, repeat customer.

Property management by Striver-PMC

Simon: While you’re based out of and specialize in Ibiza, do you provide your management or services beyond the Spanish island?

Ronny: Yes the head office STRiVER PMC can provide luxury life style management services worldwide. For example if our clients want to book a private jet for business or leisure travel we can give them worldwide access to this kind of service.  Also we are already busy expanding our luxury holiday services in more luxurious destinations for an Exquisite Voyage.

Luxury car rentals from Ronny Boon of Exquisite Voyage

Simon: Do you have any exciting new plans or offers for anyone looking to visit Ibiza?

Ronny: Yes we sure have this year for the first time a brand new luxury Catamaran on Ibiza, which is 25m and can have up to 150 people. The newly build Catamaran is special because of the fact that this boat can sail at night and has LED lighting underwater that gives a magical effect.

Clients can book this experience for an event, marriage or after clubbing. They can go with a group of friends sailing to Formentera with DJ and catering on board, which is a very new experience on Ibiza. Besides this we will offer more exclusive and luxury cars on Ibiza: from a Ferrari, Porsche Panamera, Benz SLS, Range Rovers to even a Rolls Royce and more.

Simon: Thanks for your time Ronny, hope some of our readers (and especially me) will get the chance to meet you in person! To learn more or get in touch with Ronny Boon, please visit: Striver P.M.C. and  For booking requests or an interview to discuss your luxury wishes, you can contact [email protected].

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