Private Jet Marketing Week: Using Instagram To Build Relationships With The Jet Set

First post this week is a simple yet complex strategy that will lead you down a rabbit hole you won’t soon regret falling into. I’ve said it time and time again: Social media has lead to marketers’ direct access to a large affluent audience right from their phones. The strategies and tactics we use with our clients described in this post are time consuming and honestly pioneering as this is a new marketing frontier.

Think seriously about this for a minute – From UHNW to the affluent millennial, these people are publicly showcasing their lavish life and they love it.

They happily interact with their fans and network with other influencers in their own cliques. This allows brand’s to also interact and establish real friendships with people who would and soon will use your jet charter service. If you can win them over that is.


I’d say other than LinkedIn or ASmallWorld, we do most of our UHNW marketing on Instagram because it’s just the place to be. There’s nothing really to it other than a couple of things that you’ll need to map out in a spreadsheet or Trello board.

Private Jet Hashtag Snooping

I like to use a tool called Websta that allows you to not only get Instagram analytics, but find the best hashtags real users are most likely to use. While this requires manual labour, it is quite fun to do and can lead to literally hours of Instagram marketing added to your weekly schedule.

private jet marketing instagram

There’s nothing to it other than building your own database of people you want to build relationships with. From there it’s on you and your marketing team. If you’d like help setting this up and getting it executed, well then you know who to call.

People from all walks of life are sharing their trips and all you need to do is follow, like and comment bi-weekly and they’ll notice your brand sooner or later. These methods lead to conversations and a more natural sales process built on trust.


Interacting with people in the jet charter industry, whether they’re a customer or a broker, should be fun so get out there and make a few friends.

Monitoring Influencer Accounts

The kind of accounts I’m talking about are the ones that just regram other people’s content. They will hopefully tag or link to the original author in the description. This is a great way to find people you think will identify with your brand.

Hashtags like #RKOI #LUXURY4PLAY #JETSETLIFE will lead you quickly to a bevy of these accounts and to UHNW people all over the world. Keep in mind that you can likely buy shoutouts from these “influencer” accounts, which usually have a very large reach.



It’s not an easy job to get noticed but if you’re sincere and put in the effort, it will lead to good things. In the coming week we’re going to start talking about making great content yourself as well as how to increase your chances of getting in the press.

Private Jet Marketing Week Continues..

Stay tuned tomorrow where we will be talking about improving your odds of getting in the news more often. We’ll also look at my favorite guerrilla marketing tactics: newsjacking and viral marketing. As always, I hope you join the discussion in the comments on this post, on LinkedIn’s Luxury Marketing Forum or via #privatejetmarketing all week long. If you’d like help with your jet charter marketing then please email me [email protected] to talk about what can be done.

Ryan Clark
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