Holland & Holland In Review


I’ve just stumbled upon this brand although it seems I was out of the loop by not knowing a thing or two about Holland & Holland. For those who don’t either, well from the video I imagine you can tell they’re a fine rifle and hunting clothing establishment, and while it’s clear this is a British establishment, they are also located in New York and Moscow.

Holland & Holland was founded by the Harris Holland back in 1835, although accounts of his background are somewhat “sketchy”. It is said that Harris had a successful wholesale tobacco business in London, but was also a keen and enthusiastic shot! Harris Holland was regularly seen winning prestigious pigeon shoots in and around London, as well as leasing his own grouse moor in Yorkshire.

A significant year in the Holland & Holland’s history is 1883 when they won every category in ‘The Field’ magazine’s rifle trials. This ownage set a new standard of excellence when facing the competition of the other London gun makers. The company has ever since been known for not only its rifles, but their accessories and clothing which fit the lifestyle to a T. Let’s take a look at the brand that is Holland & Holland, and see the luxuries they currently offer to the world.

Holland & Holland Gun Accessories

The Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Snap Caps


Holland & Holland Haute Fashion

Signature Tweed


Visit On The Web: http://www.hollandandholland.com
Visit On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Holland-Holland-bespoke-London-guns/49164806369

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