Gentle Jewelry Case: Perfect Travel Solution for Watches and Jewelry

Saw the Gentle Jewelry Case on and thought it was a sharp idea for travelling with jewelry and luxury watches. The best part being is it works for both at the same time, avoiding the need for separate watch and jewelry cases.



A problem for women (and some men too, I guess) who travel with jewelry is it getting tangled or damaged. This simple solution used a zippered nylon case that’s fully padded inside. It not only protects the jewelry and luxury watches, but keep it locked in the position you leave it in, so it doesn’t move around and get tangled or damaged. The foam padding also protects the precious contents from external damage. And the non-descript look doesn’t draw attention to the valuables inside as well.



Right now it comes in two sizes, 5×8 inches and 7×10 inches, giving you a purse-sized option and a larger size for duffel bags or luggage. And they only cost $19.95 and $24.95 respectively, so if they save one piece of jewelry from being damaged, they’ve already paid for themselves. The website also says they are planning new products, so we’ll have to wait and see if additional sizes or designs are released.

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Gentle Jewelry Case

Simon Gerard
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