This Floating Luxury Hotel In Edinburgh Exposes Its Engine To Guests

Usually luxury yachts try and hide the mechanical aspect to its guests but this one floating luxury hotel flaunts it as one of the main attractions. I wanted to talk a bit about what the team behind Fingal have created as it’s just so unique within the world of luxury, and you know that is something that will always capture my attention straight away.

The Fingal floating luxury hotel is located in Edinburgh and they have done an incredible job of crafting this well sailed vessel into the opulent place you see before you. While it certainly isn’t the only ship turned into a luxury hotel, they certainly set themselves apart by letting guests take a peek back in time inside its engine room. We love how they decided to showcase this as a feature of the floating hotel as it just adds to the historic touches left onboard Fingal and gives you a glimpse into the past.


The ship was initially commissioned by the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1963 and was the last ship to be built by the Blythswood Shipbuilding Company in Glasgow. The bulk if its life was spent ferrying lighthouse keepers, much needed essential supplies and maintenance staff to lighthouses around the west and north coasts of Scotland. They believe the vessels name Fingal is believed to pay homage to the King of the Morven in ancient Caledonia during the 3rd century.

If you plan on staying in Leith in the near future you might want to consider staying on Fingal and seeing the city from a different perspective during your stay. Onboard you’ll fine a plethora of incredible luxury rooms and suites, fantastic dining and of course you can tour the engine room and see inside a marvel of engineering.

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