FDR’s 18K Gold Repeater Pocket Watch Hits The Market

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s pocket watch has just been put on the market, and the asking price of $1,450,000 is turning plenty of heads, both among horologists and history buffs. The watch, an 18k yellow gold Audemars Freres(more about the watch company here, here and here) timepiece from the early 1900s, features blue Breguet hands and an appealing guilloche-decorated case. President Roosevelt, or FDR as he was better known, is best remembered for leading the United States during World War II, as well as for being the driving force behind the famous “New Deal” of the 1930s.

FDR's 18K Gold Repeater Pocket Watch Hits The Market Inscription

The case itself is custom engraved with FDR’s initials, as well as the standard Audemars Freres logos and symbols of the time. The serial number 139601 remains as clearly-visible as ever, as do the black painted Arabic numerals which adorn the front of the watch face. Perhaps most intriguing for history lovers is that a small photograph of FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, remains safely tucked away on the inside of the case.

Such a touching reminder of one President’s love for his wife can only further increase the historical significance as well as the monetary value of this fine timepiece.

FDR's 18K Gold Repeater Pocket Watch Hits The Market Book

As far as historical timepieces go, this is without a doubt the most impressive one currently on sale. For a pocket watch that’s nearly a century old, it’s in surprisingly good condition, and both its timeless design and its classic 55mm diameter would make it every bit as classy a keepsake for the 21st century gentleman as it was for the 20th century president.

Further indications of its high quality of construction and durability can be found in its compensation balance with gold temperature adjustment screws, its straight lever escapement, and its slightly-worn gold capped crown.

If you’re interested in purchasing this remarkable watch, head on over to its eBay listing and take a closer look. Who knows? If you’ve got $1.45 million to spare, you might just end up owning a luxury pocket watch that once belonged to one of the 20th century’s most enduring legends.

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