The Empathy Suite At The Palms Will Cost You $100,000 USD Per Night

Vegas is known for its lavish and over-the-top hotel suites, among other things. While hotels battle it out for “the most” this and that, Palms Las Vegas has teamed up with world renowned artist Damien Hirst to set yet another bar for others to reach. While it’s not fresh off the presses news, we couldn’t help but cover this incredibly designed luxury hotel suite here on our luxury news blog. Come take a peek inside one of, if not the, most expensive hotel suite coming in at $100,000 USD per night.

The 9,000-square-foot, two-story Empathy Suite is a work of art in itself, fit for those who want to do Vegas in ultimate style. It of course features original works by Damien Hirst, as well sprinkled throughout you’ll find his signature butterfly and pharmacy motifs at ever turn. I’ve seen a lot of luxury hotel suites in my day, but this seriously has my head spinning a bit..and that’s a good thing.

Empathy Suite Palms Las Vegas Damien Hirst

The Empathy Suite comes with a 13-seater bar, so you know this place is meant to be shared with friends and or whomever you happen to meet on your night out. For $100,000 USD a night though, would you even leave this place? The theater area has room for up to 52 people, yes you read that correctly.

Damien Hirst has really outdone himself with the little, and the big touches throughout every nook and cranny in the Empathy Suite. In here you’ll fine six original works from him including a personal favorite of mine, Winner/Loser which you can see in the picture above. It is two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde in a white tank hung from the wall of the suite.

In here yo will also find two very luxurious lounges, The incredible dining area has room for 8 and looks out onto sin city. Where I think this place really takes off is the outdoor veranda which has a cantilevered Jacuzzi. To make sure you recover from a night of partying and keep your health about you, the Empathy Suite has its own private healing salt room, two massage rooms and a well stocked fitness room.

I believe there’s a two night minimum stay for the Empathy Suite which really means at least a $200,000 USD hotel bill…and we haven’t even started gambling yet. We applaud the Hirst x Palms combination and all they have done to refit their gorgeous hotel in Las Vegas. If you would like to book a stay here you can do so by requesting more information right here.

Empathy Suite Video Tour

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