Dubey & Schaldenbrand: Keepers of Time

While it’s hard to keep up with all the watches coming out these days it’s hard to pick and choose what to cover. The usual launches are always covered by dozens of other blogs so I don’t want to be another post on the same subject. This that in mind I set out to Vimeo to see what beautiful new videos were out. It didn’t take me long to find this video made for Dubey & Schaldenbrand watches by the people at Dali Communication.

This is a brand you sadly don’t hear enough about in my opinion and this short commercial showcases a lot of their wrist pieces quite nicely. I highly recommend you watch this video and if you have never seen any of their watches before, then take a good look at our gallery below as well connect with them online. They’re a privately held Swiss watch brand that has been around a very long time and I cannot wait to see what comes out next.

Ryan Clark

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