Tour Of The $75,000,000 Crystal Pointe Estate In Lake Tahoe

Today we’re looking at the most expensive listing in all of Lake Tahoe and we’ll see why it is listed at a cool $75,000,000 USD. I see a lot of luxury properties come across my desk, but I can safely say this is a true gem unlike most all other estates I’ve seen. In fact, I’m no sure why I said estate when there are two large homes within Crystal Pointe, so come join me on a journey inside and out these two homes which are connected by an outdoor glass funicular.

This is the first time ever that the Crystal Pointe Estate in Lake Tahoe has ever been offered for sale, and there’s only a handful of people in the world who will qualify as a buyer. Boy what I would give to be apart of the marketing team for this property, you certainly would learn a thing or two targeting UHNW buyers of this caliber.

Crystal Pointe Video Tour

There is so much to explore and write about with this home I’m having a hard time picking where to start. However, with the vast amount of luxury homes I’ve marketed and written about the glass outdoor funicular takes the cake for me. It makes it a bit resort like in my opinion, and so it should considering it is here in Lake Tahoe. The distance from the main house and the beach house is quite the journey, so why not get in between the two in style?

crystal pointe estate lake tahoe

Since we’re talking about the exterior, Crystal Pointe sits on a 5.14 acre lot that comes with two lakefront parcels. In total, 525 feet of your very own lakefront including four buoys marking it off. The rest of the property is surrounded by forest making it quite private, and of course the views of the lake are at just about every window in both homes on the lot.

Outside you’ll also find one of the most incredible private gardens that is adorned with bespoke art pieces including bronze sculptures and custom carved wood animals. Wandering through here you’ll find many quiet corners to relax, but I would pick the spot next to the babbling brook. Out here you’ll also find an outdoor fire pit perfect any time of year, so get out the S’mores making kit and go camping in your own backyard.

Crystal Pointe Gardens

Inside living is unmatched in this neck of the woods, and I can confidently say throughout the world. The 16,232 square feet of total living space means there is a whole lot packed into Crystal Pointe. There are eight bedrooms, ten full bathrooms and two half bath across both homes. It would be a damn shame not to share this home with friends and family as it is built to entertain after a day on the lake or ski hills.

There are thirteen fireplaces throughout to keep you warn during the winter, and even better a 1,687 bottle wine cellar to enjoy fireside at any given time. Furthering entertaining can be had in the incredible dining room, or take in the latest blockbuster movie in the ten person theatre. At this point I’m only scratching the surface that Crystal Pointe has to offer and I’m going to have to refer you over to the dedicated website for the estate which is needed. The property is being marketed by none other than Chase International who can be reached by phone at 775-588-1444 or by email now.

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