Cheese Grater Business Card For Bon Vivant

This is the holy grail for me. Two things I love the most are packaged into the cheese grater business card from Bon Vivant. The fact that it encourges you to consume cheese, and it’s a brilliant example of marketing from the group over at JWT.

Only 1000 Grater Cards Made

I had a hard time deciding on whether or not I should include this post on our marketing blog or on here. This is something I wish I could have snapped up but sadly the first 1000 went rather quickly. I wouldn’t doubt it if a few popped up on Ebay or elsewhere but for now there is nothing we can do but be jealous.

These were created because Bon Vivant wanted to exposure their Brazilian brand to the masses with something unique. This so far has turned out to be a marketing hit thanks to the social web. For those that are worried about grating your leg while this is in your pocket, don’t worry because it comes with a slick little sleeve.

cheese grater business card bon vivant
What do you folks think of this?

Ryan Clark

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