Pier at Casa de los Suenos, Isla Mujeres

Casa de los Suenos, Isla Mujeres – The Boutique Hotel of Your Dreams

Casa de los Suenos, Isla Mujeres

Casa de los Suenos translates to “House of Dreams” which is a pretty accurate description. And while dreams are often hard to remember, this boutique hotel is definitely one to remember. It’s located on Isla Mujeres, which translates to “Ladies Island”. It’s a long and slim caribbean island that’s visible off the coast of Cancun. It features plenty of water activities, from catamarans and snorkeling to scuba diving. Playa Norte is a beach that wraps around the town on the north end and is one of the finest beaches I’ve ever been to (the best one I’ve visited in Mexico, if not the world).  And for those who don’t find the mega hotel and party atmosphere of Cancun appealing, just know that the complete opposite is only a 20 minute ferry ride away from Cancun’s hotel (war)zone. All photography in this article is by Anna Sofia Levander at Image2Brand.com.

Casa de los Suenos Boutique Hotel

Casa de los Suenos lobby


Entering the House of Dreams

After arriving on Isla Mujeres by ferry, it was a 10 minute taxi south to the cliffside location of Casa de los Suenos. Hidden among foliage and vines, the hotel is kept a secret from the winding road that runs past it. Once inside, its inner world appears with a small open courtyard, to a lounge area with a large recessed couch which rightfully hoards most of the space for relaxing purposes. The shaded area continues out into the blinding blue sky and sea, where you’ll immediately find their terrace restaurant bar around their infinity pool. And from the pool and terrace you’re treated to a breathtaking view of the Caribbean, with some of the best sunsets this planet has to offer.

Casa de los Suenos lounge

Casa de los Suenos infinity pool

After spending plenty of time on the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s east coast, you’re treated to plenty of sunrises (not that I was often up that early) but you do start to miss the sunsets. On Isla Mujeres, the island is so thin from west to east coast that it’s an easy 20 minute walk from each at the thickest points. In some areas you can be on one coast and see the ocean on the other side. With this location and the fun occasions that most guests will visit this hotel for, you’re going to appreciate the sunsets over missing the sunrises.

Casa de los Suenos South Point Sunset Restaurant Bar

Following down the cliffside you’ll arrive at their South Point Sunset Restaurant and Bar. The terrace dining area is quite small, which isn’t a  big deal since there are only 10 suites in the whole hotel. The Sunset Restaurant on the other hand is quite large, holding a wide palapa-covered area with two levels of waterfront seating and even hammocks in case of a food coma. This turns the whole area into a scenic setting very capable of hosting a wedding or large private event.


This continues down the picturesque pier, which is almost TOO picturesque. You’ll even be a bit suspicious you’re looking at a moving painting from the hotel pool and just might need to touch it to make sure it’s real when you’re on it. I have one warning for this pier as well: if you’re there with your girlfriend, you may just have to get down on one knee and propose, which you can assume she’s expecting by the time you walk to the end of it. It also allows for a full view of the hotel itself as well as serving as an actual pier if you’re baller enough to arrive by yacht like the family below. Paddle boarding is now available from their pier as well.

Pier at Casa de los Suenos, Isla Mujeres

Hope you brought a ring and are ready to get down on one knee at the end of this.

Yacht dock at Casa de los Suenos

Save the 10 minute cab ride and just charter a yacht like this guy.


The Villa Suites

My photographer and I stayed in the ocean view double villa. Note that there are only 10 villa suites, making this a truly intimate boutique hotel experience. This can be turned into a full private villa with options to rent the whole place out, either for weddings, events or just for a group of like-minded friends. Walking into the suite, we were immediately greeted by cold air with a fresh cinnamon scent, which helped perk us up after a hot tour of the grounds. The room was well appointed with a nice bathroom and shower, but it was all just a frame for the spectacular Caribbean view. We ended up spending most of our time on the balcony when in our room.

Serenity Suite at Casa de los Suenos

The Serenity Suite

One of the many small details that made our experience special is that everything in the mini-fridge was complimentary and not some annoying per-piece charge. Also, first thing in the morning, a tray with a thermos of hot coffee, juice and cookies was waiting at each suite’s door. And after a night out enjoying all the fine cervesas and tequila that Mexico has to offer, this was an instant lifesaver. The bathroom also included high quality toiletries to ensure a great showering experience after a long day at the beach or in the ocean.

View from the Serenity Suite

View from the Serenity Suite

We were able to shoot the Serenity Jacuzzi Suite during our stay. This featured an open living room with a king size bed that took full advantage of the view, along with a wide private balcony. It features a big jacuzzi bathtub that also had access to the great view.

Their Presidential Suite covers the top floor, complete with its own private infinity pool. It was occupied so we weren’t able to shoot it, but from our shots of the main infinity pool and the other suites, you can easily imagine that it’s amazing (or simply check out their website for photos).



With their small guest capacity, one might have considered skipping the food here and heading to a more busy restaurant in town. However, this was definitely not necessary. We headed down to the Sunset Restaurant to catch their sunset happy hour and checked out the menu. After spending lots of time eating in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun and other areas of the Riviera Maya, I noticed the prices here were very reasonable for any tourist restaurant, not just for a luxury boutique hotel like this.

Fine dining at Casa de lost Suenos


Looking for items to share, I picked some tasty-sounding food that gave the impression that we’d get casual bar fare. I was proven wrong again when a series of very attractive and delicious dishes arrived that did justice to the beautiful setting. Plus the beer was as cheap as you’d find at any restaurant on the island, when you’d expect a markup. Breakfast also hit it out of the park with some fluffy waffles, crispy bacon and an excellent chilaquiles.


The Dream is in the Details

As a whole, this villa hotel really paid attention to all the little details, which added up to a big difference. They don’t nickle-and-dime you while still keeping the quality high. They don’t mark up the price of food and liquor or charge for the mini-bar, when they easily could get away with it. The staff was friendly and attentive, which is vital in a personal environment like this. What it lacks is a private beach, but it does keep you happy with oceanfront lounging and of course its infinity pool. But the stunning Playa Norte beach is only a 10 minute cab ride away. Inside, you’ll also find the “Spa Zenter” which is a lovely yoga/meditation studio with an attached spa.

Spa Zenter at Casa de los Suenos

Spa Zenter and yoga studio.

So when you add the little touches with the big beautiful features, Casa de los Suenos is a perfect boutique hotel villa on a perfect Caribbean island. Highly recommended for couples looking for a romantic stay in a cinematic location that has quick access to a fun beach town, white sand beaches and tons of water activities. And be warned: if you’re a couple staying here, you could easily leave engaged. 🙂

For more info and bookings, please visit CasaSuenos.com.

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