Burj Al Arab Has Gold iPads In Every Room

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is known for being one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, if not the most. They now are offering gold iPads for guests which really puts them over the top. While a lot of the world, myself included, thinks it’s quite silly, there are two reasons I can see why they’ve done this.

Burj Al Arab gold ipad
Credit: Burj Al Arab
First of all this hotel is known for luxury, so gold and bejewelled items will fit right in here no matter how tacky they are. What I like is the fact it is so lavish that just about every luxury blog and news site will be jumping on this news like a fly to…well you know.

Not every luxury hotel is in the position to offer that many gold iPads, but doing something a little extra extravagant in an already luxurious niche can go a long way. Our whole marketing and branding philosophy revolves around standing out and doing something different, so hopefully you’re paying attention.

Ryan Clark

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