Antique Breguet & Fils Paris Repeater No. 2430

Breguet & Fils Repeater Skeleton Pocket Watch 1
You have to be quick on the “Ebay draw” to spot the antiques that end up here before being quickly whisked away to some new happy owner. Today I noticed this antique Breguet & Fils Paris No. 2430 Repeater Skeleton Pocket Watch on the marketing which is a timepiece you won’t get a chance to see again.

Breguet has been making timepieces for centuries and this one comes from the end of the 18th to somewhere around the start of the 19th. It’s old enough to a time when the company was known as Breguet & Fils, however it is a piece that is timeless.

It is a pleasure to be able tob even get a glimpse at a piece like this, even if it is just a picture. Anyone who admires the skill and quality put into these pocket watches can appreciate this piece.

Breguet & Fils Repeater Skeleton Pocket Watch
This pocket watch is in working condition, the sound is loud and the case is in pretty good condition by the looks of it. The watches material is comprised of 18 K solid gold and weighs 88.2 grams. Its size is a modest 57 mm and it comes from a private collection and represents absolutely collectible value. Recently a similar pocket watch from Breguet & Fils with a later serial number(No. 2667) was sold by Christies for a cool $4,682,165 USD.

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Breguet & Fils Repeater Skeleton Pocket Watch 2

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  • Keith Orford
    Posted at 13:46h, 26 May Reply

    I have records of most of Breguet’s watches and unfortunately this is one of the very many antique ripoffs. There are several pointers to this being a fake, the first being the Breguet absolutely never made a skeleton repeater watch. Next, he never used an ovate pendent, post about 1810 and known in the UK as a ‘Regency’ pendent. Next his repeater work was always under the dial, never on the back. Next, it has a steel cylinder escapement, just visible. Breguet virtually never used this kind, and definitely not after 1807 when he took his son into partnership and signed Breguet et Fils. There are more points but the main objection is that, compared to a genuine Breguet repeater, it is absolutely the wrong style, the wrong quality, the wrong escapement.

    Keith Orford

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