Bosendorfer Emperor Concert Grand Piano

Those in the musical know are well aware of the craftsmanship and quality Bosendorfer stands for, and now we have this. This piano is a certified, one-of-a-kind replica of 1869 gift Austrian Emperor Franz Josef presented to Emperor Meiji of Japan to celebrate the first ever international trade relations between a far Eastern and a Western Empire. This would have been quite the gift and I’d personally be too scared to touch the thing and it’s obviously more so a work of art then a musical instrument.

This $1.25 Million Dollar grand concert piano will never be made again so the owner will have quite the rare piece for his art collection. The finish on this Bosendorfer piano is touched with Wenge satin and wrapped in nothing but 24-karat gold from top to bottom. This grand concert piano is awaiting its new home in Seattle at My Perfect Piano, and I don’t imagine this will stay on the market long. If you’re wanting to inquire about the purchase please get in touch with Louis Spencer-Smith at 1-406-254-7000 or toll free at 1-(800) PIANO 32.

Ryan Clark

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