World’s Largest Antique Golf Collection On Sale for $1.275 Million

Golf enthusiasts, memorabilia collectors, and sports historians take note: the world’s largest antique golf collection has just gone up for sale on eBay! Assembled by a 74-year-old collector who describes it as his “life’s work,” this humongous collection of golf clubs, accessories and memorabilia is unlike anything we’ve ever come across before.

Composed primarily of pre-1930 wood shafted golf clubs (a whopping 17,000 or so of them, to be precise), this collection is sure to give any golf historian a walk down memory lane, charting the sport through its rise to mainstream popularity in the early 20th century.

World's Largest Antique Golf Collection Display

Having been largely shown off in a golf museum prior to its listing on eBay, the bulk of this collection has been restored to museum quality, meaning not only are these pieces intriguingly old, most of them are also in good, ready-to-go display condition. Beyond the clubs – which are impressive unto themselves – this collection also includes countless antique golf balls, tournament trophies, tees, ceramics, books, posters, collectibles, and more!

If you’ve got $1.275 million to spare and happen to love golf more than life itself, be sure to check out this collection’s listing on eBay and put in a bid. Your friends on the links won’t be able to compete with this!

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