7 Luxury Industry Blogs To Follow In 2014

While we’ve only been on the scene for a few years within the luxury industry, there are a host of writers and thinkers within this community that I’ve been inspired by. My main focus is on brand building and viral marketing within the luxury industry, and I’ve had to turn to others to keep me filled in on the industry’s news and strategies.

I thought I could pay homage to the writers I’ve got copious amounts of valuable information from and urge you to add these RSS feeds to your daily reading list. While this is my personal favorites list, I encourage you to email us or add a link to anything I missed in the comments below.

If you’re new to our site, be sure to check out our luxury marketing blog and our industry interviews section. Alright, on with the list already!

1) Luxury Daily


This is the best go-to industry center for the luxury industry in my opinion, as the Luxury Daily team manages to cover so much news week after week. Everything is covered here and the largest grouping of luxury professionals are here writing columns and blog posts bi-weekly.

Visit Online: http://www.luxurydaily.com/

2) KODA Creative

koda creative blog

The team over at Koda Creative is uber talented, they work on amazing projects and in my opinion they do some of the best creative work in the industry. Their blog is updated often with a variety of posts ranging from what they’re working on to marketing tips and tricks that you should be privy to.

Visit Online: http://www.kodacreative.com/blog/

3) Just Luxe


This luxury industry hub is one of – if not the – largest¬†industry hubs that’s open to user generated content. While the majority of the content is more on the pleasure side, you can also find good business insights here and discover up-and-coming writing talent within the luxury industry. The site has undergone quite the transformation over the past couple of years and if you’re in the business, you should be here.

Visit Online: http://www.justluxe.com/

4) L2 Think Tank Blog

l2 think tank blog

I’ve found myself coming to their blog a lot lately, mainly because I’ve been researching and studying the luxury marketing industry in China. While that’s not all they cover over there, you’ll find all sorts of great posts written by an impressive lineup of writers. I’ve always tried to read up and study anything Professor Scott Galloway puts out and he’s one of the great minds at this company. If you’re interested in what’s going on at a global scale within the luxury industry, then this blog is not to be missed.

Visit Online: http://www.l2thinktank.com/blog?section=l2-news

5) Luxury Society

Luxury Society Blog

This is the blog to read daily if you’re a part of the luxury industry as it has the latest news, in-depth articles and marketing advice from all corners. I’ve tried to make enough time daily to see what’s going on here and network with my peers and it has been an invaluable resource during my career. Do visit the blogs on here daily but be prepared to get up early to soak in all the information that comes out.

Visit Online: http://luxurysociety.com/blog

6) WSJ Luxury Goods Blog

wsj luxury news
The Wall Street Journal always has its finger on the pulse of the business end of the industry, which makes this is a great blog to stay up-to-date. I’m usually here once or twice a week reading about the financial state of the industry, especially news related to China as of late. This is also a great weekly read for those involved in the finance industry, and I don’t think there is a better source available.

Visit Online: http://blogs.wsj.com/source/category/luxury-goods/

7) Luxury Next

luxurynext blog
Even though the good folks over at Luxury Next are our competition in a way, they’re thought leaders in this industry and this list isn’t complete without them. Their blog posts get into what’s going on now in the industry as well as what’s coming next, so anyone looking to the future needs to have this site on their reading list. They do a great job of mixing in news and columns that are for both execs and marketers, and this is why they’re last but not least on our round-up.

Visit Online: http://www.luxurynext.com/blog

Ryan Clark
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