$500,000 Private Jet Booking Via An iPhone App

Mobile commerce has come a long way but I never would have expected a $500,000 USD transaction coming from an iPhone. Well the good folks at PrivateFly.com had this happen recently and I think that’s insanely cool. The affluent nerd is a rising trend and the luxury travel industry has always been on the forefront.

jet charter iphone app
While this sizable order is most likely not that common now, it is definitely the way of the near future. CEO of Private Fly Adam Twidell even stated that they recently got a booking of nearly $500,000 USD through a Twitter follower. Keep this in mind if you’re still on the fence whether or not to jump into the app game.

“We now see six per cent of our sales originating from our app and this is growing fast. It is particularly utilised with the new breed of jet customer, including technology entrepreneurs.

“We have seen over 100,000 downloads globally since we launched our first generation iPhone app [in 2010].

As a luxury marketing nerd myself these numbers really make me excited and it is something I can share with our clients. The potential ROI with an app, even at 6%, is going to put more money in your bank account. Banking sales like Private Fly is also going to attract media attention and couldn’t hurt your link profile or social follower base numbers either.

If you’d like to check out their iPhone app you can do so right here as well I recommend following Private Fly Via Twitter and Facebook.

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