5 Incredible Supercars On The Market Right Now

If you had an unlimited budget for a supercar to use just for this summer what would it be? I thought I’d tackle my list and let you folks provide your own links in our comments. I had a hard time picking my five but I think I accurately represented my taste. So the only rules are on the market, street legal and an eligible supercar.

My hunt turned up some very interesting cars leaving me with no hope in choosing a favorite out of these five. There are so many car marketplaces out there with rare vehicles we don’t see on the market too often. If you work for a car sales company don’t hesitate to send us what you got as we love to cover rare items here on Luxury Branded.

Turbo Acura NSX

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.34.51 PM

I’ve always wanted to own a NSX and a turbo one sounds right up my ally. The looks, the handling and the 350hp+ boosted engine would easily put a smile on my face this summer. This NSX resides in Oceanside California and you may be somewhat surprised to see a FMIC on an mid-engine car. Apparently there are no problems with heat saturation and this front mount keeps the engine nice and cool under all that boost. I would never sell this car but if you’re in love with it as much as I am, it can be yours for a cool $43,000 USD.

Noble M400 Twin Turbo

Noble M400 Twin Turbo


Continuing on with my love of mid engine cars is this Noble M400 which is a hard to find item here in North America. I’ve loved this car ever since seeing it on Top Gear and have had the pleasure of seeing one in real life last summer. This car always minded me of a Lotus and I love the fact these Nobles are packing twin turbos. This car would get driven everyday by me if I were to score it for a summer! This is one in just a few hundred in North America and is on the auction block for $65,000 USD.

1968 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage

aston martin DB6 Vantage

Stepping up my game would be easy with this Aston Martin DB6. I have never in my life had the pleasure of seeing one of these in person and I still dream of that day. I’d love to tour Europe in this car for a summer and it’s already conveniently located in the Netherlands at The Gallery Brummen. If you know anything about these cars you’ll know they’re rare, and with that comes a hefty price tag. You can snag this Aston Martin for around $348,263 USD.

2013 RUF RGT 8

2013 RUF RGT 8

You either hate or love the Porsche 911, I for one have always lusted after the Turbo and GT3. I had never heard of this project by RUF until I saw it over at James Edition. I’m not sure how the V8 feels balance wise as we know the original platform is quite the setup.

The RGT 8 features the a naturally aspirated V8 that produces 550 hp. This V8 engine delivers extraordinary performance and an exhaust note that only a high‑revving, flat‑crank V8 can produce. This car thankfully comes fitted with a 6-speed manual gearbox to power this rocket and I would be extremely thrilled to get the chance to drive this gem. This rare Porsche is going for $315,000 USD and you can contact RUF US to inquire about this car.

Gemballa G McLaren MP4-12C


The McLaren this Gemballa G is built upon would have been more than enough car to tackle my summer supercar itch, but this is yet another car you don’t see every day…or even every decade. While I would be just as happy to get my hands on the Gemballa Carrera GT, this rare McLaren with the Gemballa trim was on the market. Without a doubt this car would make for an amazing summer driving toy and I love the fresh look and trip provided in this G package. This car is currently up for sale on James Edition for a cool $281,764 USD.

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