3 expensive custom BBQs that will stand out this summer

With summer fast approaching, BBQs are set to be fired up across the nation. But for anyone wanting to stand out in the sea of grills, here are three custom BBQs that will do just that (but they’ll cost you).

Colt 45 Barbeque by Hot Shot BBQs – $7,950

This huge custom gun-shaped BBQ by Hot Shot BBQs is sure to kick off any backyard festivities with a bang (sorry). Modeled after the classic Colt .45 revolver, this BBQ is forged out of heavy-duty steel in a gun-blue tone, with a real mahogany hand grip. A batwing-style door reveals the hidden propane tank, with a stainless steel circular spring door for the dripping pot. Selling now on Etsy for $7,950.

Colt 45 Barbeque by Hot Shot BBQs

French Waist Luxury Outdoor Gas Stove by Original Metal Works – $9,000

This classy little BBQ is custom crafted by the metal work artists at Original Metal Works. Made by hand, this elegant BBQ shows the highest in fit, finish and detail, with its “French Waist” style drawing inspiration from a French corset. The table folds down and the propane tank is hidden under the metal skirt. It can be made finished with paint or a powder coat, with more details coming soon. Selling now on Etsy for $9,000.

French Waist Luxury Outdoor Gas Stove by Original Metal Works


Pit Smoker, Cooker, Charcoal Grill Combo BBQ by Johnson Smokers – $3,750

This industrial looking beast from Johnson Smokers looks more like a old-fashioned locomotive than an BBQ. And what it actually does is far more than just your average grill. This all-in-one powerhouse combines a massive BBQ pit with a charcoal grill and towering slow smoker. The total pit size is 9 feet long and 30 inches wide, with the main chamber 7 feet. The 3.5 feet tall smoker has four levels, giving you around 9 square feet of smoking space, on to of a large firebox. Constructed with 1/4 inch heavy-duty steel and 1200-degree high heat paint, this unit can handle anything you throw at it. Johnson Smokers can also personalize each custom BBQ with your name, initials or logo cut and suspended above the pit, using a computer controlled plasma cutter. Selling now on eBay for $3,750.


Custom Combo BBQ by Johnson Smokers

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