3 Coolest Luxury Industry Jobs

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to travel the world with the rich & famous? Believe it or not, many people enjoy bountiful employment doing precisely that! We’ve scoured the globe in search of the coolest luxury industry jobs available, and found 3 that stood out to us as being particularly impressive. Let your dream job search begin here…
Luxury Assistant

1. Professional Assistant (aka “Luxury Fixer”)

From office secretaries to golf course caddies, we’ve all seen professional assistants of one kind or another – but in the luxury industry, such assistants operate on a whole other level! As the professional assistant to an ultra high net worth (UHNW) individual, your job will consist of helping out with everything from mundane everyday tasks like answering phone calls or dropping their kids off at school, to much more exotic challenges like arranging flights and accompanying your employer on superyacht holidays and business trips. You will need to possess a collected demeanor, a high degree of discretion, and a willingness to undertake a wide variety of tasks depending on the situation, from secretarial work to parenting work to business work and more. Since this job demands a wider skill set than that of most assistants, it also pays significantly more – and the perks often include regular international travel as well.
Personal Shopper

2. Personal Shopper (aka “Stylist to the Rich & Famous”)

Who doesn’t like shopping? Browsing the aisles of the hottest boutiques and admiring the latest fashions can be fun enough as it is, but doing it as a full-time career for an UHNW individual? It’s no wonder these job openings always attract so many applications! As a personal shopper, you’ll be in charge of finding, sizing, and buying the perfect outfits for your employer so that they’ll always look sharp at business meetings, family functions, dinner parties, and casual events. You’ll need to have a keen fashion sense, an amicable personaliy, and good financial sense so that you don’t waste your employer’s money on overpriced items that you could get for a better price elsewhere. You will also often be in charge of drycleaning, tailoring, clothing repair, and other sartorial management issues – and sometimes other shopping-related tasks as well (groceries, car rentals, etc).
Mansion Caretaker

3. Caretaker (aka “Mansion Babysitter”)

How would you like to live the good life in a multi-million-dollar mansion without having to pay a cent? In fact, we’ll do one better: not only would you stay there free, you’d actually get paid to be there as well! Such is the almost unimaginably good fortune of professional caretakers, who inhabit – and maintain – the mansions and luxury condominiums of UHNW individuals when they’re out of town. Obviously, this job is not all fun and games, and in fact requires a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Good housekeeping habits, like proper cleaning and maintenance duties, are also a necessity. However, as long as you can keep a home in tip-top shape, there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a fun, relaxing, and profitable career. Often, once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy caretaker with one UHNW family, they’ll tell their friends about you, which translates into more customers for your caretaking service. For this career, word-of-mouth endorsements are frequently more valuable than any marketing campaign could ever be.

While these are just 3 of the coolest luxury industry jobs available, we know there are a whole lot more that we couldn’t cover here. So if you can think of an amazing luxury industry job that deserves to be on this list, please comment below and let us know! We’d love to make this list bigger over time, and help people find the job of their dreams.

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