A 2018 Lykan Hypersport Is For Sale: One Of Seven Made

Only seven 2018 Lykan Hypersports were made and one of them has made its way on the market listed with HushHush $3.3M and change. It’s not often you’ll see this car up for sale, and we most likely see one again for a while. W Motors has been busy with the sales for the Fenyr Supersport which means that the Lykan is going to be sought after more and more by collectors.

I don’t know all that much about HushHush but they are the only marketplace I could find it on right now, and they say they only work with verified dealers. However, if you’re in the market to actually buy a Lykan Hypersport, you’re going to have the people needed to verify the company and the sales deal.

2018 lykan hypersport for sale

Source: HushHush 2018 Lykan Hypersport For Sale

Unfortunately their HushHush listing doesn’t have the greatest photos which certainly doesn’t help their cause selling such a high ticket item. They also doesn’t list much else about the model however we know it is the grey one in the photo above, which would make it even more rare with that color choice. It also eludes to the car being completely custom built for the previous customer which could mean so many different things.

This 2018 Lykan Hypersport can be yours for $3,335,135.67 USD and express delivery can be arranged with their concierge service. Now I just wonder if this car would be legal here in North America.

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