BOLD Summit 2014 in Las Vegas

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Luxury design is a truly unique and challenging industry to work in; luxury designers must not only master the basic principles of modern design, but elevate them to a higher level in order to appeal to a more discerning demographic as well.

By combining a fine sense of aesthetics and artistry with a keen understanding of physical mechanics and functionality, luxury designers are able to help create many of the beautiful luxury goods we take for granted each day, from exotic cars to Swiss wristwatches and beyond.

But how exactly do these elite professionals do what they do, and from where do they draw their influence? For those who currently work in the luxury industry, the design industry, or who simply appreciate good work with they see it, the 2014 BOLD Summit is the perfect place to go to answer every question you ever had about luxury design.


Scheduled for August 28th and 29th at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, the BOLD Summit (with BOLD being an acronym for Business of Luxury Design) is the year’s biggest event for upscale designers, featuring an impressive speaker list that includes luminaries such as:

  • Mario Buatta, Legendary Interior Decorator
  • Clodagh, Multi-Disciplinary Design Expert
  • Richard Landry, Luxury Architect
  • Vicente Wolf, Designer
  • Lloyd Princeton, founder of Design Management Company
  • Michela O’Connor Abram, CEO of Dwell Media
  • Julia Molloy, Design Industry Business Consultant
  • …And dozens more!

If you’re interested in attending BOLD Summit 2014 or would simply like to know more about it, visit,, or @BOLDSummitEvent on Twitter. The event is technically invite-only, but if you feel you’d be a good fit to attend, you can request an invitation here.

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