2009 Mosler MT900S For Sale

I just spotted this 2009 Mosler MT900S up for sale from the fine folks at CNC Motors located in Ontario, CA. I’ve always loved this car from its crazy looks down to its back wrenching power and you don’t see one of these for sale very often. This gem is the supercharged V8 from the corvette and it produces a cool 600bhp and 557 lbs torque to propel this beast from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds flat. With a good driver I imagine this thing will easily pull off a 10 second 1/4 mile, but correct me in the comments if I’m off base on that one. To meet American road standards this car had to be limited to a 179mph top speed which is plenty enough anyway.

I’m a mid-engine car fanatic and it’s definitely nice to see the American touch to it because that Corvette engine sounds extremely bad ass. Youtube exotic car aficionado Brian Zuk recorded a Mosler MT900S at Cars and Coffee in California so it looks like there are two of them in the state so far that I’m aware of. This thing looks amazing and sounds even better so don’t forget to hit the HD button before watching this videos.

Want to get your hands on this Mosler MT900S?

Well like I said before you can find this currently sitting all alone and un driven at CNC Motorsport in Ontario California. This Mosler MT900S has a price tag of $299,999 USD and only has 1500 miles on her…this is a car that’s meant to be driven so I hope someone does it some justice.

Web: http://www.cncexotics.com/
Fraser – 951-212-9581 OR FRASERCNC@AOL.COM
Liz – 909-354-7782 OR 909-982-4389 OR LIZBAKERCNC@AOL.COM
Cameron – 760-552-3698 OR CAM@CNCEXOTICS.COM
Shanni – 760-553-4794 OR SHANNI@CNCEXOTICS.COM

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