Zenith Watches iPad App For 2013

zenith watches ipad app

It’s great to see more and more luxury brands embracing technology and Zenith has done a brilliant job with their latest iPad app. I’m a big fan of tablet shopping/product guides as it definitely makes online shopping a little more fun, as well as the large enough viewing size to get a good experience.

Currently this is only for the iPad so you Android users will have to wait although I’m not sure if they’re developing one for you just yet. I might be in the wrong for saying this, but the affluent tend to be more so into the cult of Mac. Full disclosure..I’m in that cult 🙂

zenith watches ipad
The Zenith Watches iPad app is of course free and ready for you to start browsing and shopping. Not only that, the app does a great job of educating. The app has every minute detail for the selection at hand and you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about how Zenith creates its masterpieces.
Get the app free: https://itunes.apple.com/app/zenith-watches-2012-2013-collections/id605292281?mt=8

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