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I just came across these amazing audio pieces from Bekerwerks Design and thought you folks would get a kick out of these. An audio set for those with a certain interior design style, so let me know what you think in the comments below. The design is simple and I like it because it blends in nicely. I can definitely see this subwoofer fitting in nicely with my current living room setup, although I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate yet another bass box. Bekerwerks has you covered on other levels as well with a couple of different themed speakers options.

Blue Heron Subwoofer

As you can see the subwoofer focuses downwards and doesn’t require a mesh. The rich woodwork is solid enough that there are no problems while deliver a rich bass sound. There is a single 10″ woofer in this piece and includes an amplifier that will drive two satellite speakers. You get both a stereo 3.5mm and RCA level-line inputs with the subwoofer and it weighs 36.8 lbs even. This subwoofer is priced at $879 USD.

Sparrow Bookshelf Speakers

To add to this wood themed audio set are these hand crafted bookshelf speakers which would look great just about anywhere. These efficient speakers come with a full range driver, a cone and dust cap made from banana pulp in a coated cloth surround. They do 165hz to 30khz frequency response range and is driven by a large 80mm magnet. These bookshelf speakers are priced at $579 USD.

Hummingbird Mini Speakers

These are something I could really use on my desk right now as I’ve got some lower end computer setup. I’ve always spent the money building up the audio in the living room, but for my shopping needs now I think these will look nice next to my Macbook. These speakers come in two in either Spalted Maple or Black Walnut and are priced at $279 USD.

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