Maximizing Your Trade Show Presence with Photo Booths

Trade Show

Most businesses see trade shows as an opportunity to target their products to a very demographically specific market. Hundreds of vendors set up shop looking for gimmicks that will draw the attention of the attendees in an attempt to generate a lead. First you have to get the attention of potential customers walking by, and then you have 30-45 seconds to give them your elevator pitch in an attempt to make them remember you. As they walk away, you give them a business card that they toss in their bag which winds up buried between 100 other business cards they have received over the day. Unless you have offered something extremely compelling, you will never hear from this person again.

We still have the end goal of selling to these individuals. However, what if you could leverage their entire network to develop your brand? If you couldn’t impress them immediately, would it still be beneficial to showcase your brand to their social media connections? What if you could grab their contact details without bribing them with expensive prizes?

Photo Strip Business Card

This is where renting a photo booth comes into the equation. People love pictures of themselves having a good time. By including a photo booth at your vendor station, not only are you providing an attraction that makes you stand out from the crowd, you are drastically increasing your chances of having your business card seen and remembered. Most photo booths allow you to customize the template they print the pictures on. Customize your template to include your logo and contact information. The guest gets a nice keepsake, and your brand and contact information are at their finger tips.

Photo Booth BBQ Bash


Using These Photos Socially to Develop Your Brand

Alright, so the guest has gone through your photo booth and received their photo strip complete with all your company’s information. This is just the beginning. The next benefit for your brand is that when they are finished taking their pictures, most photo booths give the guest the ability to instantly upload their pictures – complete with your brand’s logo – directly to their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest profiles. Now, not only have you increased your opportunity to reconnect with the guest via your enhanced photo strip business card, you are also leveraging the guest’s personal relationships by posting branded images of them to their social profiles. Their friends will see your brand, and since they trust their friend, they will automatically trust you.

Capturing Guest Information

The final benefit to having a photo booth at your event is the ability to capture guest email addresses while they are sharing the images socially. Every user who shares their photos will have to provide an email address in order to do so. When handing out business cards, you are left hoping your guests will be interested enough in your brand to contact you. To get contact details, most vendors spend big money on prizes. No need for prizes in this situation! Your only expense is the photo booth rental fee.

Photo booth marketing at trade shows is just starting to take off. You get the benefit of having an enhanced business card, leveraging guests’ social media contacts, and an easy way to capture the contact information of potential clients – all in one.

Ryan Clark
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