Tracking Luxury On Social Media With Brand Mentions

Since Topsy got shutdown late last year I’ve not really found a replacement I’ve dug into to track our companies social mentions as well as our clients. Our social media services heavily focus around relationship building and influencer marketing so we’re always looking to get ourselves in the conversation and get noticed by the right people. We’re not usually updating our social channels for the sake of looking busy, we want ROI.

brand mentions luxury social media tracking

I’ve been playing with all week and while it’s only in Alpha stage it’s a very handy dashboard app that allows you to easily stay in the conversation. I use it mainly for seeing what’s trending for a few specific luxury industry keywords and jump right into the discussion. I’m a huge fan of blog commenting and love chatting with others on topics like this one.

You can easily export the data to a CSV file as well easily create email alerts for the keywords that matter to you most. I find these are huge help in my day to day commenting and tweeting as I’ll jump in when I get the alerts and that way I don’t have to remember.

I’m utilizing the tool for a pretty location specific website and the built in ability to set a location really makes it easier to sift through the noise. The only downside so far is that it tracks web mentions and Twitter only, so I look forward to other platform integrations in the near future.

Check It Out:

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