The Doettling Gyrowinder – World’s First Gyroscopic Watch Winder

We’re big fans of Doettling here at Luxury Branded. We just love their appreciation and application of both modern and traditional aesthetics, design and technology in all their creations, which applies again to their newest creation.

Gyrowinder watch Winder by Doettling Germany

Doettling Gyrowinder

Was just on Facebook and saw their new Gyrowinder, which is a first in the world of horology. It’s the first watch winder that enables the watch to rotate in all directions, best simulating the winding from wearing on the wrist. With all other watch winders only rotating on a fixed axis.

Doettling Gyrowinder Watch Winder
This device takes inspiration from both old and new. Creator Markus Doettling was inspired by the gyroscopic training devices for astronauts, while visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He then took visual cues from the designs of traditional nautical navigation instruments.

It was then crafted from the finest materials for look and quality, such as the bell jar mouth-blown from crystal glass. An important feature to note is range of adjustments possible. With all watches having different weights, a set of antique scale-inspired counterweights are used to balance out each watch. A spirit level and three adjustable legs is used to position the Gyrowinder.

Doettling Gyrowinder
The Gyrowinder is another perfect example from Doettling of a, timeless, avant-garde design that draws from the present and pays tribute to the heritage of design. Please check out the video below and for more, please visit


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