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The San Francisco-based startup Table8 secured a hefty chunk of funding recently, which is how I first discovered this great addition to the food scene. I’m a lover of food and especially going out so this kind of app is right up my alley, even though I’ll have to wait a bit before it reaches us here in British Columbia. However, this tweet from the folks over at @Table8 gave me a ray of hope earlier today:



So what does Table8 do exactly? It simply gets you short notice, priority access to the finest restaurants in your area. Whenever I travel I often miss out on great food experiences at a restaurant due to it being reserved weeks in advance. So far they’re only active in San Francisco, but that will change quickly as they expand to New York in June/July. I also read an interview with the founders over at Xconomy which gives us a lot of insight as to which east and west coast cities were next on their hitlist.

Table8 is available on your iPhone and Android device and from what I can tell is off to a good number of downloads. I thought we could do our share in helping as the team over there will need all the data they can get to keep the project going forward.


I’ll definitely be using this next time I’m in San Francisco, and by the time I go to NYC next they should be up and running which is great. I can use this to wine and dine clients even when I come in last minute and don’t really have any plans.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and want to expand your food adventures, get your hands on the Table8 Apps and connect online with many other foodies looking to get a little bit less hungry this year.

Visit Online:
Twitter: @Table8

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