Sotheby’s 2014 Study Of UHNW Real Estate Consumers

Sotheby’s has just released their 2014 study of ultra high network real estate consumers and it’s packed with great insight and information for Realtors in the game. It’s also quite useful for those in the real estate marketing arena as it really dives into the key points in the key countries as to what buyers have on their mind.

Sotheby's UHNW Real Estate Consumer Report 2014

I thought I could share a few of the highlights but at the end of the post I’ve embedded the report for you to read. If you found it useful give it a share and send the @SothebysRealty team a tweet thanking them for sharing this invaluable information. I definitely learned a thing or two and will be putting this information to use for our real estate clients, especially those looking for international buyers.

One of the hardest aspects for a newcomer marketing to UHNW individuals is getting enough data to make sound business decisions. Not a lot of companies put forth any data for free although props to the WealthX team who does give more than anyone else…as well they offer a whole lore more for a fee.

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UHNW Frame Of Mind

Understanding the UHNW consumer is still quite a mystery for a lot of luxury brands and without big data it’s a hard thing to pin down and use for sales. While I imagine Sotheby’s has a lot of other interesting data that went with their survey, we can safely assume they’ve kept some tidbits for themselves and so they should.

“The Sotheby’s International Realty Luxury Lifestyle Report aims to define the purchasing behaviours of the wealthy.”

Even with the data you get in this report I’d say up and coming Realtors will find it invaluable, especially those looking to understand a client base they’re drooling to get involved with. While this report won’t necessarily help you attract these clients, it will go a long way in understanding their needs and how you can deliver what they need.

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