Selling To The Super Rich Via Smartphone Just Got Easier

I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know Doug Gollan a bit better and wanted to share his one of his latest products with our readers (and our clients). We often write about reaching UHNW customers online and off and if there’s one common theme that’s always prevalent, it’s that they’re difficult to reach.

We are the first and only travel and luxury e-mail content platform for private jet owners written in “CEO-style” using Expert Content. Founded by luxury and travel media expert Doug Gollan, with a list developed from over 500 sources, we reach over 19,500 private jet owners and over 1,000 pilots of long-range private jets using Expert Content.

doug gollan dg amazing experiences Doug has not only written about UHNW marketing reach for the past 15 years, but has been also been in the trenches helping luxury companies get it done. If you haven’t yet heard of Doug Gollan then you’ve most likely seen the magazine he brought to life – Elite Traveler – at one point or another. He built one of the most unique distribution networks for the magazine, which got itself in front of the world’s elite.

I’d haven’t yet admitted it to him personally, but I’ve read and studied what he’s written over the years. It has significantly shaped the way we do some of our marketing here in the UHNW realm. It’s not something just anyone can do and it has taken us the better part of a decade to be able to do what we do.

DG Amazing Experiences

Doug’s new business venture is quite unique and without a doubt one of the most effective ways to get in front of the right UHNW audience quickly. These people are usually extremely hard to reach, yet Doug’s provided a way to do it directly to their smartphone. The reach of the content hits the thumbs and eyes of UHNW clients all over the world. I can honestly say this is one of the best tools in our marketing toolbox for clients that have the budget for this kind of media buy.

uhnw marketing selling super rich

Doug also did something with his business that we’re big advocates of – something different. The DGAE newsletter is the first and only travel and luxury e-mail content platform for private jet owners written in “CEO-style” using Expert Content. This means readers are getting the scoop from professionals who have experienced what they’re talking about.

This is very important to highlight because we’ve learned that doing media buys on a lot of the top “luxury” blogs and online publications yielded poor results. I’m by no means saying blogs are poor marketing channels, they’re just not as focused audience-wise as I’d like them to be.

The DGAE newsletter reaches an amazing audience of private jet owners, CEOs and high level executives across a myriad of industries and locations. Something else I quite like, for those in the luxury travel industry, is that the list reaches over 1,000 pilots of long-range private jets. Pilots often influence travel decisions for UHNW clients so why not put your brand deep in their memory?

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