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Miljonet has just launched and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders on the project to get a little more insight on the recently launched luxury network. The luxury networking industry is a hard one to crack and with only a couple successful networks to survive over the years I hope to see Miljonet flourish.

I’ve setup my profile already and I am just getting a good look around but the first thing I can say they’ve done right is the platform. If you’re familiar with the older ASW and Best Of All Worlds the user interface was a bloody mess and just down right confusing. That’s not good for someone who’s grown up on tech and fi you’re trying to attract a less tech savvy UHNW generation then you best have an amenable platform.

Another great aspect of a network like this is that it gives early adopters a chance to set themselves up as an influencer, something that’s not easy to do in the luxury space. You’ll be able to find me on there and I encourage our readers to sign up and help build a community.

As I mentioned before I reached out to one of the founders and managed to get a few questions in to have his perspective on the why and how.

< Miljonet Founder Ramón Luitwieler >

Luxury Branded: In your words what is Miljonet?

Ramón Luitwieler:Miljonet (Millionaires joined network) is a secure international community for HNW individuals and companies in the luxury industry. We allow for our members to connect by means of the Millionaires joined network. Miljonet offers the opportunity to interact with fellow millionaires, buy and sell (luxury) products, find relevant information and connect on a social and business level…and much more features.

Luxury Branded: What inspired you to start Miljonet?

Ramón Luitwieler: While running a marketing & sales related business back in 2009 during the crisis we received many requests of our clients, asking us if we could help them to get in touch with people to sell their second homes, yachts, Ferrari’s etc. because we had a good network. This had nothing to do with our company back then. We (My business partner and me) decided to translate this demand into a social community with a marketplace only accessible for our wealthy contacts and luxury brands. Miljonet was born.

Luxury Branded: Who should join?

Ramón Luitwieler: Affluent people who would like to use a more private social network to share information, experiences and opinions with their pears for both private and business purposes. Because access is limited to people with a certain financial standard we guarantee relevant information and reliable sources.

For luxury brands, realtors and brokers Miljonet provides the opportunity to present their products and services to an international community of millionaires, and other companies in the luxury industry.

Ready to join?

Online: Miljonet.com


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