7 Incredible Luxury Showers

Most of us spend a good amount of time in the shower, and certainly some more than others. I for one don’t have spend a whole lot of time but if I had one of these showers, I might be singing a different tune. I thought I’d see what the world had to offer in regards to a better shower experience and the world did not disappoint.

1) RainSky Shower by Dornbracht

RainSky Shower by Dornbracht
This is more than just a shower it seems and coming in at 12,000 USD, it was one of the most expensive I could find. The RainSky shower comes with an electronic control panel that automatically selects either the rain curtain, head and body sprays, mist spray, coloured light and even a fragrance mist. You can select from three rain modes can be individually selected independently of the three preset scenarios, either one at a time or all together.

View Website: http://www.dornbracht.com/en/Products/Bath-and-Spa/RainSky-E.aspx

2) Colore Chromotherapy Shower by Ponsi

Colore Chromotherapy Shower by Ponsi
New from the Italian design company Ponsi comes the Calore Chromotherapy Showerhead. Chromotherapy is a method of personal relaxation that uses color to supplement a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental energy levels. This therapy coupled with a hot shower can make all the difference in the world after a tough day. Calore has a vast array of colors to enhance your showering experience while providing anti-scale and anti-drip features.

View Website: http://www.ponsi.com/eng/listino/pagina.php?ID=70684

3) Steam Shower Room by Aquapeutics

Steam Shower Room by Aquapeutics
High tech meets sheer comfort with this steam shower by Aquapeutics and it can be yours for a mere $4299 USD. The features are pretty much packed into every nook and cranny in this thing..I didn’t even know what to start with. This shower features a computerized massage steam room with aromatherapy, a waterproof 8.4″ LCD TV, it isMP3 compatible, has a 12 point acupuncture massage jets, 13 whirlpool bubble bath jets, 6 big whirlpool bath jets, and radio for good measure.

View Website:http://www.aquapeutics.com/instock/U689-black.html

4) Bodyspa Shower System by Kohler

Bodyspa Shower System by Kohler
This is a seriously intense shower that is for people who really really like to get thoroughly clean. The Bodyspa Shower System features a 10 jet system offers a waterfall with chromatherapy lighting, an electronic jet selection control, variable water flow control that allows a fully personalized bathing experience every time you take a shower.

View Website: http://www.us.kohler.com/us/Bathroom-Showering/category/430957/429204.htm

5) Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht

Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht
It’s not everyday you see a shower like this but Dornbracht is no stranger to creating something unconventional. The Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht combines six water bars straight above the reclining space. This shower also allows the user can to choose from a variety of pre-programmed choreographies, which offers a range of settings for water temperature, intensity and of course quantity.

View Website:http://www.dornbracht.com/en-GB/Products/Bath-and-Spa/Horizontal-Shower.aspx

6) Axor Shower by Philippe Starck

Axor Shower by Philippe Starck
This is one of my favorites on the list and while it looks beautiful, I wonder if the water gets all over the place. If I were to build an ultimate bachelor pad, the Axor shower would be first on my list.

View Website: http://www.hansgrohe-int.com/807.htm

7) OMEGA Shower by Pininfarina

OMEGA Shower by Pininfarina
Last on our list is this “beyond our time” design from Pininfarina that looks like it could be right from the quarters of Cpt Jean-Luc Picard. So we’ve seen a lay down style of shower and this one comes with an interesting seat for those who really like to relax. While this one wouldn’t be my style I do think it gets major points for being unique. So the question is, what do you people think?

View Website: http://es.jacuzzi.eu/bano/cabinas-de-ducha/omega/omega/intro/

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