This Luxury Hotel In Hamburg Used To Be A Nazi Bunker

This former Nazi bunker in Hamburg, Germany, is set to create a new legacy as a luxury hotel under the NH Hotel Group brand which knows this market well. There’s a new positive vision for the Bunker St. Pauli, and it’s looking to the future without forgetting its past. It’s set to open somewhere in the middle of 2021, and will have some very interesting additions situated on its roof.

During WWII, this bunker was built for air defence by the Nazis and it measures 75 by 75 metres in width and 35 metres in height. The walls of this Hochbunker (high bunker) are three and a half metres thick. This bunker was also a place where up to 25,000 residents sought refuge during air raids. The Bunker St. Pauli was built from the ground up in only three hundred days with well over 1,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps.

Once the war was over there were plans in mind to have the bunker demolished but was soon realized that this was no easy feat. Its massive size in not only height, but the thickness of those walls would require a rather large amount of explosives to demolish properly. This would be way too dangerous for nearby structures, so the bunker was turned into a space where performers, artists and others could use it.

former nazi bunker turned luxury hotel

Once completed in 2021, the Bunk St. Pauli will have 136 luxury rooms which give each guest the chance to stay in a historic part of Germany. While it will of course have a restaurant, bar and a coffeeshop it will also have that spectacular rooftop garden. This will essentially be a public neighborhood park for everyone to enjoy as it injects new life into this building.

According to the NH Hotel Group, there are already 4,700 plants growing in a nursery getting ready to be moved to that rooftop garden. This will provide guests and locals with so much greenspace to enjoy, a place to grow food and I imagine the restaurant will have its own section up here.

The Bunker St. Pauli will offer guests a taste of history, a chance to learn about the past and then go right on celebrating the now and be thankful this place has the freedom to be used for good. If you would like to learn more about the history of this place, see more photos and keep tabs on when the opening is you can visit their website and on social media for updates.

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