Luxury Dog Beds From Lord Lou

Another interesting luxury brand popped up on my Instagram feed today and definitely caught my eye straight away was Lord Lou and their luxury dog beds. I’ve been on the hunt for something new for my dog and that Instagram advertising pixel certainly knows how to target me well.

The Lord Lou brand sells some of the finest crafted luxury dog beds on the market in a variety of styles that fit all types of homes and dogs. From minimal to royal, they’ve got something unique your dog will love to nap the hours away on. If you’re looking to spoil your dog take a look at these luxury dog beds.

Luxury Dog Bed The Edward

luxury dog bed edward lord lou

The Bed: A middle eastern inspired dog bet that is velvety smooth and the ultimate pad for a spoiled pooch.

Price: €199.00

Luxury Dog Bed The Eduardo

The Bed: The ultimate luxury dog bed fitted with faux leather styled after the “Bentley-stitch” which looks just great.

Price: €829.000

Luxury Dog Bed The Luciano

luxury dog bed luciano lord lou

The Bed: Made from the finest Italian leather and the perfect addition for the doggo in a modern home. This luxury dog bed not only looks incredible, it is built for comfort.

Price: €749.00

Luxury Dog Bed The George

luxury dog bed george lord lou

The Bed: This luxury dog bed is inspired by the Louis XVI style with a bit of royal flair for your pooch. You can rest assure knowing that the George is designed to resist both stains and moisture, all whilst maintaining its high quality.

Price: €298.00

Luxury Dog Bed The Jason

The Bed: This luxury dog bed reminds me of something you’d find in a farmhouse near the wood fireplace.

Price: €149.00

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