IMAX Home Theatres Are Here

I’m a huge fan of having an amazing home theatre and my good friend and coworker @S_Gerard is no stranger to that. We’ve had some pretty cool setups during the years so I know he will be pleased to see the IMAX experience coming into the home. This goes beyond your top notch BenQ projector and brings an entire earth shattering movie experience right into your home.

These custom home theatres from IMAX carry a price tag of at least one million dollars and I imagine will require a lot of work to get in right. For those that don’t know, the IMAX experience is not just a large screen but a system of pristine video, ear bleeding audio, custom theatre design+setup and 24/7 support with a 5 minute response time. You could easily charge admission to watch a movie on this home setup.

I’ve seen some very lovely home theatre setups before and while they did not cost anywhere near a quarter of a million dollars, you certainly cannot get close to that IMAX experience. However, any audio/video nerds like myself out there who have an opinion on that please voice it in our comments below.

Imax Home Theatre Gallery

imax home theatre 1

Again, the cost of this setup depends on the theatre construction so if you’re building a new home you’re going to have an easier time getting this sorted. If you’re interested in this package you cannot go to your local Best Buy or even your local high end entertainment store. You can field questions and learn more through IMAX’s concierge and they can be reached via the following;

Phone: 1.905.403.3200
Email: [email protected]

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