The Future is Luxurious: Introducing the Smart App-artment

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Since the golden age of science fiction, the world has eagerly anticipated the invention of the jet-pack, the teleporter and/or the flying car. We’ve longed for both the sublime and the ridiculous with truly speculative sci-fi concepts such as matter replicators and time machines. We may still shed a small tear that these fantastic inventions are no closer to appearing in shop windows on main street; however, despite our childlike wonder, we have learned to live without them.

Invariably these devices were designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, but often the outcome was much more malign. Rogue sentient robots and the rather unwholesome idea of becoming your own grandfather were just a few of the many pitfalls these fabulous new technologies engendered. Perhaps then, it is no wonder that the scientific community has been a little slow on bringing these technologies into the real world.

However, what the more extravagant end of the sci-fi spectrum failed to deliver, the opposite end has made up for in spades. Like the dream kitchens presented throughout the glossy magazines of the 1950’s, this is truly the era of the luxury gadget and whilst the promise of a streamlined lifestyle might not always be fulfilled, there are a whole host of new technologies that promise to make our homes just that little bit more luxurious.

Smart App-artment Home Cinema

Smart App-artment

A wonderful example of what can be achieved is presented in a small, unassuming apartment in central London. The Smart App-artment, from techno savvy company Cornflake, may not be everyone’s idea of a luxury pad with its jarring colour scheme and unusual choice in rugs but as a concept, it illuminates (literally) the kind of automated “smart home” we have all been dreaming about.

The Smart App-partment features all of the usual trappings of your average luxury London apartment but, under the hood, there is a fair chunk of technology running the show. With the ability to control almost every aspect of everyday existence, it seems that the smart home is finally becoming a reality – solving the mundane aspects of life with machines.

The heart of this integrated system gives the user an unprecedented amount of control with your choice of tablet or smartphone allowing multi room functionality and the opportunity to finally say goodbye to that unsightly collection of remote controls. The technology behind the control platforms ensures that your smart home works seamlessly with your desires, giving the user a fully integrated experience.

Whether you want to control your lighting, home entertainment systems, curtains or blinds, the centralized hub offers the user the option alongside a truly customizable system. Home cinema junkies and audiophiles are well catered for with some truly awe-inspiring screens, speakers and amplifiers to give your favourite movies and music the justice they deserve.

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The Home in Your Hands

Automation also plays a large part in the system, allowing the user to set timers to control everything from the central heating to the security systems within the house. Integrated CCTV and alarm systems give the user an increased sense of security, self-cleaning appliances dispose of the need to ruin those beautifully manicured nails and the digitally controlled open fire provides a touch of real class.

All of this technology is available alongside the usual connectivity to the outside world. Users can control phone calls that are literally hands-free and are played out in high definition over the audio system. The internet is available wherever you are in the house, with wall-mounted tablets and other portable devices that allow you to do whatever you want in the online world, no matter if it’s using an App to book that all-important Blacklane limousine transfer to those exclusive Chicago black tie events or purchasing whatever you are in need of online.

So, for those who are still having trouble dealing with the fact that those jet-packs may never take off and those teleporters may never materialize, there is at least the opportunity to take a little consolation with the perfect smart home tailored to your own personal desires. Why not take your luxury home to its technological conclusion and at the same time take all of the effort out of the everyday life? After all, the future is luxurious!

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