Evade SUV by Conquest Vehicles: First Unarmored Model from Canadian Company

Excited to report on an exclusive luxury brand hailing from Canada called Conquest Vehicles Inc. Found in Toronto, Conquest made a huge splash in 2008 when they introduced their flagship vehicle, the Knight XV. While there are plenty of companies that can armor and bulletproof luxury vehicles, the Knight XV stands as a fully bespoke, hand-built, fully-armored luxury SUV, that takes its military inspiration beyond its performance and security features to its badass styling.

Conquest has now followed up with the Evade, a non-armored alternative, but featuring the same hand-crafted quality, top technology and their signature styling. For anyone not expecting full-scale assaults on their commute from high-powered assault rifles or rocket launchers, the Evade provides everything else a VIP needs in terms of security, amenities and performance.

Evade Unarmored SUV by Conquest Vehicles

The Evade is built on a Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis, but strips off its heavy armor plating for a aluminum-steel blend, making it much lighter and quicker on its feet. Integral parts still use high-quality hand craftmanship, with parts machined out of solid steel such as the steering wheel, hinges, running boards and even the key. And the vehicle handles are machined out of a solid block of alluminum, which all ensure an ultra-durable build.

Rear view of the Evade SUV

It takes the design of the Kinght XV and gives it a series of aesthetic upgrades, to improve both its look and function. You’ll see new wraparound head and taillights with a redesigned grille, hood scoop and narrower fender flares. A wider backdoor has been fitted to the now wider frame, allowing for executive security easy entry and exit from the rear. Another touch is an integrated step added into the bumper to simplify access.

The lux interior cabin provides over 400 cubic feet and continues the blend of military and luxury design ques. It can be fitted with a freshly redesigned ergonomic 2 + 2 limo-style seating with laptop trays. Reclining executive-style seats are also an option. A third tandem sunroof has been added, with either a driver partition or a retractable flat screen TV to divide the vehicle. On top of the range of high-grade composite materials and metals, the finest in leather and alcantara is used for covering and trim.

Conquest Evade unarmored SUV

There are also an range of exterior features you won’t find on your average Escalade. First it rides on full commercial grade air-ride suspension, with either a gas or diesel engine. The powerplant hasn’t been revealed yet, but we can assume it’ll use the same or an upgrade to the Knight XV’s 6.8L Ford V10 gas engine or 6.7L V8 Power Stroke turbo diesel engine. High-tech military features include 360-degree roof mounted searchlights, which you control with a joystick. The front and rear are also equipped with FLIR night vision camera systems. If you’re interested in this luxury beast of a SUV, you’re looking at a $579,000 USD price tag when it’s released this fall. And when interior images and more details are released on the new Evade SUV, we’ll be sure to share them with you.

For more, please visit ConquestVehicles.com.

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