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Been looking around for luxury experience companies to share with our readers (and to encourage any invitations our way!). Living in Vancouver, BC we have lots of extreme sports and outdoor experiences, but very few options for driving or flying. I found one based in the UK called Experience Days which has almost everything I’ve ever wanted to try. And compared to Canada with limited options and way higher prices, I’d definitely try a whole round of experiences if I was in the area. Having family in England I’ve hoping to visit next summer, I’ve now got about 30 more reasons to make the trip! Lets take a look at three I’d love to try:

Water Jetpack Experience with


British Grand Prix Experience

F1 Motor Racing is the epitome of life in the fast lane and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is a date in the calendar that is eagerly awaited by the rich and famous who love to mingle and watch a pulsating race at breakneck speed. I’ve never even had a chance to see a real Grand Prix, but wouldn’t hesitate to jump into  a day where you can get as close to the real F1 experience as possible around a legendary circuit   The precision-engineered lightweight racing cars handle entirely differently to any other car that you will have driven and the qualified instructors are there to teach you how to drive these unique vehicles so that you are ready for the final challenge, which is 20 minutes of  lightning-fast solo racing.


Water Jetpack Experience

Many of us have zipped around on a jet ski, but there are only a few that can say that they have risen up to 10 meters above the water wearing a pair of jet boots, unless you happen to be  James Bond or Iron Man. The jetpack is a futuristic piece of kit that is a surfboard, jet ski and jetpack rolled into one to create the ultimate fun on the water experience using these amazing jet boots. After you have had some serious training and no doubt already got very wet, you will get the chance to scoot along the surface of the water hovering in mid-air, fulfilling a fantasy that has only recently become a reality that we can experience in the last 2 years.


Aerobatic Flight Experience

If you want a full flying experience, then Wish is here for you. Their ultimate flying experience takes you on a flight in a specially designed aerobatic airplane.   You don’t need any flying experience to try this out, but if your Top Gun skills manage to impress your instructor enough, they may even give you the chance to take the controls for a few maneuvers!


They have a ton more experiences to try, like driving super cars, off-roading and even tanks. Flying can include helicopters, hot air balloons, skydiving and gliding. They have shooting and a new group zombie battle experience. They also have a range of ‘regular’ extreme sports and water activities. The offer a wide range of casual activities and day-outs, like cooking or photography lessons, brewery or winery tours, sporting events, fine dining, etc. So if you’re in the UK or are planning a trip their, definitely check these guys out.

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