BitPremier – World’s First Luxury Bitcoin Marketplace

To kick off the first post in our luxury startups category I thought of no better and more interesting choice than BitPremier. As someone who not only deals with marketplaces online like JamesEdition for clients, I never expected to see what these folks are trying to do so soon. It seems Bitcoin is taking off more than ever these days so lets take a look at what could be the next big things in the luxury industry.

bitpremier luxury bitcoin marketplace

For the past five years or so we’ve been deeply involved in helping clients sell luxury goods online so we know the mindset of the consumer quite well. While I don’t know if the luxury world is quite ready to trust their goods within the realm of Bitcoin, I’m glad too see this project get off the ground and jump right in.

Bitcoin is all about security, open source and minimal fees and this should strike a positive chord with any shopper, especially those buying very expensive items. The only thing holding me back from using a service like this is I cannot tell who’s verifying the listings behind the scenes.

Who’s Behind A Brand? I Need To Know

Since the site is new and they do have island, cars and watches for sale already I really have no idea who’s running the site. This is why it is very important to have a clear about us page that shows the people behind the project. For example, you can see the management team behind and contact them directly.

bitpremier listings

I’m sure the founders will be building out the site more and making their presence known to curious buyers and sellers….or perhaps not? I’ll try and get the owner(s) to come do an interview on our site so if you are that person, please do get in touch with me at your convenience.

How BitPremier Does Transactions

For all transactions, BitPremier acts as intermediary which keeps the buyer and seller anonymous until a transaction is near completion. Their escrow service makes sure Bitcoins are moved and held offline, as well they are stored on USB drive and paper backup in a bank vault until funds are ready to be released.

This I imagine will take time to build security in their brand in order to get more sales going through, but I could be wrong of course. I think once they start announcing successful transactions and have a lot of good feedback this idea will take off without an end in sight.

Let’s Hear Your Feedback

I want to know what you people think about a service like this and if you would be fine using it. I can say from a marketing perspective, this would be a great way to get a lot of attention to your listing. Since the whole Bitcoin revolution is all the rage these days you could use this to your advantage.

The day an island gets sold via Bitcoin will be quite interesting and that’s going to be a PR wet dream for this company if they can pull something so insane off.

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