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My favorite social network has recently launched their mobile platform for the iPad and iPhone. I couldn’t find an android version around anywhere so I can only assume one is in the works. I’ve been playing with this app all day and I’m quite impressed at the features, ease of use and the speed. It has quickly become my most used app next to Foursquare and Instagram which is saying a lot. It’s also handy for those times when you just need to waste a little time, so why not get to networking?

The best features are the travel guides and the ability to connect with the local ASW members. I’ve met so many people traveling into my town, so I know this will most likely be its most useful feature. If you’re heading out of town as well, I highly recommend letting the members know as you’ll always find a friendly person or three to show you around.
Download The App:
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On Twitter: @Asmallworld

Ryan Clark

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