What Is Burberry Smoking In 2013?

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So I was wanting to look at some coat options for the winter here and headed on over to Burberry’s website to see what was new. They make some of the most eloquent, stylish and well made coats I’ve ever laid my hands on. While I may not be getting out the credit card to throw down on a shiny as $#%! trenchcoat anytime soon, I can at least get a good blog post out of it.
While Burberry’s new lineup isn’t all shiny neon, they do have a lot of stunning haute couture coming out of the woodwork this year. While I don’t imagine these will fly off the shelves, they should give Riff Raff a tweet because I could see him rocking these all day, every day.
It’s not only the trenchcoats which are going metallic, you can also rock a silk sweater under that new coat just in case you didn’t blind your coworkers and friends the first time around. If you think I’m being mean at this point in the article keep in mind Burberry is my favorite clothing brand and just couldn’t resist poking a little fun. They may not sell a lot of those coats, but they sure got my attention and the rest of the fashion blogosphere. I’d sleep a lot better at night knowing this was more of a PR stunt that anything else.

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