Vallis Wood iPod/iPad Docks

I recently stumbled across Vallis Woods Etsy profile page the other day and found myself hitting order before I knew what happened. I’ve been shopping with a heavy wood theme for my place at the moment and this stuff is going to fit in just fine! This company does a lot of interesting work with wood and they have a real talent behind these ideas and modern digital art designs.

Vallis wood is run by Mario and he uses only hardwoods from the great sustainable woodlands that surround Vallis Aurea in Croatia. Mario has been working with wood since he was a little child and clearly we have an artist who put his talent to good use.

The great old Romans called this area Vallis Aurea, and translated from Latin it means Golden Valley.

You can snap these up either the Vallis Wood website or if you have an Etsy account you can purchase securely through their as well via Prices for these items range from $45 an upwards and will definitely be a funky addition to your home.

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