Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Watch

Image Credits: The Luxury Bazaar

This watch is born of inspired workmanship, countless craft traditions and over two and a half centuries of Vacheron Constantin’s horological achievement and expertise, the Les Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater watch is a veritable work of art – a perfect blending of the most precious Vacheron Constantin movement and most exquisite skeleton of its kind, lovingly set in a case of platinum– the most precious metal known to man. For optimal transparency, the sapphire dial is never more than thirty-hundredths of a millimeter thick. Vacheron Constantin has imagined this watch as a means of “visualizing” the passing time in a halo of light, with each minuscule part seemingly inspired by a life of its own. Les Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater watch remains a work of exception, a luxury object that only a rare and passionate few are destined to possess. An object of such beauty is a joy forever, and this Les Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater model is a collector’s dream in its execution.

I’m a huge fan of Vacheron Constantin and especially love their top of the line timepieces. They’re a Swiss company that has been making luxury watches for hundreds of years, so naturally they’re on a lot of peoples to buy list. This Vacheron Constantin watch caught my eye today while browsing one of my favorite shops. It’s not slouch coming in at $473,250 USD according to The Luxury Bazaar. This model of course being the most prestigious platinum edition, one of many trims you can get with this watch. If you’re a fan of the brand, check them out on Twitter, Facebook and their Hour Lounge.

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